They talk about us and we are happy about it!

Wednesday March 14th, 2018

Last month, the leading german travel-magazine GEOSAISON, published on their February number the list of the 100 recommended hostels in Europe and… Surprise! we are one of the three recommendations of hotel-establishments in Barcelona

It is true that there are a lot of hotels in our city, many of them could have been recommended, for sure, but having been selected has filled us with joy and encourages us to keep working with enthusiasm and to make sure that all our guests have a great memory of their stay.

Our Bed & Breakfast is totally independent and does not form part of any hotel chain, we are not financed by any investor neither we have any masters in “Revenue Management”. For this reason I believe that our merit has a lot to do with our view on hospitality and specially that Josie, Consol, Petra or Ruth, or myself, do everything in our hands to make sure every guest’s stay is a success.

We would like to keep up with our credentials so we work hard every day in order to make your stay memorable. Thank you for your trust!