Barcelona Beach Activities

Wednesday December 21st, 2016

Barcelona is blessed in an unusual way for a major international city in Europe. In very few other places are you able to find the stunning architecture, shops, and sights of this modern cosmopolitan city, with a gorgeous sandy beach onto the Mediterranean on its doorstep. A day on the beach is a real highlight of the Barcelona experience and one that brings laughter and joy to people of all ages. But what exactly is on offer at Barcelonas seven beaches?


Of course the most popular, and rightly so, activity is sunbathing. There are very few days without sun in Barcelona which makes it is the perfect place to soak in some rays. In the summer months, the beaches will be full of people from all over the world, chatting and enjoying the atmosphere. In fact, books are very rarely read on these beaches; it is very much more of a ‘talking to friends and listening to music while sunbathing’ kind of culture.


Many visitors comment on how they’re surprised that a beach right next to a city, has such beautiful, crystal clear waters. It’s the perfect place for a nice running or a swim on a hot day.


This also means that there is a wider range of water sports available;
from sailing to kayaking or paddle surfing to skiingBeach volleyball and football are also particularly prominent, and there are always games going on at the tens of courts…. And along the beach there are even a very popular and completely free outdoors gyms.

Drinking and eating
Eating and drinking are two of the best activities to do on the beach. There are many different restaurants and bars on the beach:  Xiringuito Escribà, La Guingueta, Vai Moana, El Chiringuito… ¡so many different choices where to enjoy from a cocktel or a snack to a tasty paella!