Tapas Route in Barcelona

Saturday December 3rd, 2016

Both for those who come to visit the city and for those who are from Barcelona and haven’t yet tried the excellent tapas of some of its bars, we invite you to discover them through this tapas route.
We begin in one of the neighborhoods that concentrates most tapas bars of Barcelona, the Born area, where the offer is varied and the quality reaches the delicatessen level. In this area we can find bars such as Xampanyet or Ca L’Esteve (C/ Montcada, 22), a legendary venue’s on the Gòtic quarter where you can eat its famous anchovies, delicious artichoke hearts or all kinds of iberian tapas and seafood accompanied by a xampanyet, a sparkling wine that is served in a glass of champagne. On the same area we can find the Euskal Etxea (Placeta Montcada, 1), the Basque house that works as a cultural center and as a bar-restaurant at the same time, to taste the authentic Basque pintxos soaked with cider. Here are the best raw materials and an endless assortment of tapas (or pintxos), if you get hungry try piquillo peppers, or a plate of cod. Down to the beach we get into the Barceloneta area and we bump into one of the most legendary tapas bar in this side of the city, the Jai-ca (photo above). Better go there early because it will be almost impossible to get a seat (even standing on the bar) in this crowded bar. In this classic space full of jugs and personality you can enjoy seafood and fish tapas that you shouldn’t certainly miss out, without despising the delicious croquettes and patatas bravas, of course.

pinotxoA little further inside the Boqueria market, accessing from the Rambla, we’ll find the bar Pinotxo (La Rambla 91), a “must” in all Barcelona Tapas route. Being inside the market is expected that this bar would stand out for having the best and freshest ingredients in their dishes of all the bars mentioned in this article. And so it is. In Pinotxo you could eat excellent tapas always with a base of bread with tomato and meat or fish dishes. The specialties are esqueixada cod and squid with beans. Does not make your mouth water?The last stop on this tour is the Cervecería Catalana (C / Mallorca, 236), which offers a wide range of tapas and montaditos, as well as other seasonal products such as snails, calçots or artichokes. Do not hesitate to discover your own favorite tapas bars besides our proposal!